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Backup Dữ Liệu Trên Windows Với Restic


1. Cài đặt Restic trên windows

Để cài đặt được Restic trên windows cần phải cài scoop

Mở Windows Powershell

Chạy lệnh trên Powershell

Chọn Y

Chạy tiếp lệnh

Kiểm tra xem scoop đã cài xong chưa

Gõ lên scoop

PS C:UsersTai Cao> scoop                                                                                                                                                                     Usage: scoop <command> [<args>]

Available commands are listed below.

Type ‘scoop help <command>’ to get more help for a specific command.

Command    Summary
——-    ——-
alias      Manage scoop aliases
bucket     Manage Scoop buckets
cache      Show or clear the download cache
cat        Show content of specified manifest. If available, `bat` will be used to pretty-print the JSON.
checkup    Check for potential problems
cleanup    Cleanup apps by removing old versions
config     Get or set configuration values
create     Create a custom app manifest
depends    List dependencies for an app, in the order they’ll be installed
download   Download apps in the cache folder and verify hashes
export     Exports installed apps, buckets (and optionally configs) in JSON format
help       Show help for a command
hold       Hold an app to disable updates
home       Opens the app homepage
import     Imports apps, buckets and configs from a Scoopfile in JSON format
info       Display information about an app
install    Install apps
list       List installed apps
prefix     Returns the path to the specified app
reset      Reset an app to resolve conflicts
search     Search available apps
shim       Manipulate Scoop shims
status     Show status and check for new app versions
unhold     Unhold an app to enable updates
uninstall  Uninstall an app
update     Update apps, or Scoop itself
virustotal Look for app’s hash or url on virustotal.com
which      Locate a shim/executable (similar to ‘which’ on Linux)

Cài đặt Restic

Gõ lệnh


Kiểm tra xem Restic đã cài đặt thành công hay chưa

Gõ lệnh

PS C:UsersTai Cao>restic -h

restic is a backup program which allows saving multiple revisions of files and
directories in an encrypted repository stored on different backends.

  restic [command]

Available Commands:
  backup        Create a new backup of files and/or directories
  cache         Operate on local cache directories
  cat           Print internal objects to stdout
  check         Check the repository for errors
  copy          Copy snapshots from one repository to another
  diff          Show differences between two snapshots
  dump          Print a backed-up file to stdout
  find          Find a file, a directory or restic IDs
  forget        Remove snapshots from the repository
  generate      Generate manual pages and auto-completion files (bash, fish, zsh)
  help          Help about any command
  init          Initialize a new repository
  key           Manage keys (passwords)
  list          List objects in the repository
  ls            List files in a snapshot
  migrate       Apply migrations
  prune         Remove unneeded data from the repository
  rebuild-index Build a new index
  recover       Recover data from the repository not referenced by snapshots
  restore       Extract the data from a snapshot
  self-update   Update the restic binary
  snapshots     List all snapshots
  stats         Scan the repository and show basic statistics
  tag           Modify tags on snapshots
  unlock        Remove locks other processes created
  version       Print version information

      –cacert file                file to load root certificates from (default: use system certificates)
      –cache-dir directory        set the cache directory. (default: use system default cache directory)
      –cleanup-cache              auto remove old cache directories
  -h, –help                       help for restic
      –insecure-tls               skip TLS certificate verification when connecting to the repo (insecure)
      –json                       set output mode to JSON for commands that support it
      –key-hint key               key ID of key to try decrypting first (default: $RESTIC_KEY_HINT)
      –limit-download int         limits downloads to a maximum rate in KiB/s. (default: unlimited)
      –limit-upload int           limits uploads to a maximum rate in KiB/s. (default: unlimited)
      –no-cache                   do not use a local cache
      –no-lock                    do not lock the repository, this allows some operations on read-only repositories
  -o, –option key=value           set extended option (key=value, can be specified multiple times)
      –password-command command   shell command to obtain the repository password from (default: $RESTIC_PASSWORD_COMMAND)
  -p, –password-file file         file to read the repository password from (default: $RESTIC_PASSWORD_FILE)
  -q, –quiet                      do not output comprehensive progress report
  -r, –repo repository            repository to backup to or restore from (default: $RESTIC_REPOSITORY)
      –repository-file file       file to read the repository location from (default: $RESTIC_REPOSITORY_FILE)
      –tls-client-cert file       path to a file containing PEM encoded TLS client certificate and private key
  -v, –verbose n                  be verbose (specify multiple times or a level using –verbose=n, max level/times is 3)

Use “restic [command] –help” for more information about a command.

2. Kết nối Fstorage với Restic

Tạo file credentials trong C:Usersusrname.aws


Nội dung file


3. Các thao tác với Restic

Tạo repository

Nhập mật khẩu cho repo


Tạo backup


Kiểm tra Snapshots

Nhập mật khẩu (mật khẩu vừa tạo lúc init tạo repo)


Restore Snapshots

(8bf7a3a5 là id snapshots)



Tìm hiểu thêm một số command khách nếu có nhu cầu sử dụng

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